Speaking Series

The Be Positive Speaking Series Platform was developed to provide our clients with a menu of options.  The series may consist of a one (1), two (2) or three (3) day event for groups numbering twenty-five plus (25+).  It promotes creativity, flexibility, adaptability and versatility with unlimited possibilities.  Subject matter can be easily tailored as standalone or in combination.  Review each series to develop the type program that best accommodates the needs of your organization.  Remember, it’s your choices.  So, let all creative possibilities flow.  Go ahead….  Start selecting NOW!  Step on the elevator.  Going Up!


So What’s Bothering You

This open interactive communication forum delves deep into the thoughts, actions and languages that really “piss you off”.  Experience a no holds barred environment where everything is on the table.  Get an opportunity to express yourself like never before.  Let the frustrations out and learn unique ways to look at stress relief.  

The immense benefits associated with this forum relate to bringing about a formidable positive mindset.  Every action oriented experience will enable the mind, heart and body to create a distressing shift.  These shifts encourage felicitous environments to unite individuals raising overall energy productivity. In short, get “Positive” with us!


Motivation Beyond Success

Stop daydreaming!  Get out the cubicle, off the couch, video games, social media or anything else non-productive.   This get “real”, high energy forum is straight talk like it should be.  Discover why individuals crave success, yet do absolutely nothing to obtain it.  It delivers a powerful understanding of how the untrained mind limits and leads one into unproductive patterns.  Be prepared for the shocking truth as to actions, beliefs and energy limiting one’s capabilities, goals, aspirations or progressions.  Examine every excuse for being mediocre and not reaching a desired level of success.  

Now is the moment of change!  Harness the unifying triangular energy paths thrusting within one’s body.  It’s time to stop creating excuses.  Instead, produce strategy plans that redefine attitudes, energy levels, habits, and unsuccessful patterns.  Open your eyes to glorious action outcomes.  Develop a plan to reach your goals with us!


Bringing It Forward

Bring on the action!  This forum is the completion stage.  It encompasses a unique platform of coaching and consulting techniques for prosperity.  Individuals may possess a willingness to sacrifice, motivation and desire to succeed.  However, one may possess no idea of strategy implementation.  Well, this is where it all comes together.  We discuss true partnerships that build action oriented success.  Let us propel your mind and heart into an energetic explosion of action.  Step On The Elevator…..  Going Up!


Lunch – Dinner – Keynote Engagements

All speaking engagements are scheduled through MJB Bookings at 973.768.6188.  MJB Bookings is not an employee of, instead acts on behalf of Be Positive Coaching & Consulting, LLC for representation.  They manage all aspects of any speaking engagement.  The maximum speaking period is sixty (60) minutes.  All final decisions relating to events are approved, confirmed and agreed upon by an Officer of Be Positive Coaching & Consulting, LLC through officially signed documents.

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