Sales Eminence

Sales Teams That Devour Competition

Recreating Dynamic Sales Teams:

Be The Lion!  Think about the various energy levels a lion experiences when hunting for prey.  It’s energy elevates in seconds from low to off the charts.  The hunt is high octane, ferocious, unrelenting and laser focused.  The lion doesn’t deviate nor stop until the capture has been accomplished.  Then!  It devours the prey.

What triggers the lion’s multiple energy levels?

  • hunger
  • stalking
  • chase
  • satisfaction    

Now think and carefully examine….

  • What energy levels surround your Sales Executives on the hunt?
  • What effect are Sales Executives having on performance and productivity?
  • What can Sales Executives do to outperform and devour the competition?
  • What unique strategies should be part of the sales culture to propel revenue?
  • What might be the positive effect on revenue when Sales Executives show up differently?

Let The Lion Out:

Be Positive unleashes “The Lion”!  No longer will Sales Executives linger or wander around in the jungle. Instead, they will go on the hunt looking to devour everything in their way.  This new found energy will enlighten them to challenges, discoveries, unlimited possibilities and things holding them back.  

Our H.I.R.T. Program and ELI Assessment will allow for measurable results by shifting thoughts, energy, motivation, productivity and relationships bringing about sustainable positive revenue driven change.  

The time is now to create a fortified Sales Team of Lions with an accelerated difference in sales production.  We can help unite all aspects of a Sales Team allowing for reasonable, obtainable and devouring results.  Contact us NOW…..  Bring the energy…..  Time to devour!

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