Public Speaking


So, you think it’s easy speaking in front of people?  Yeah….  It actually is for Eugene “Moneyman” Brown of Be Positive Coaching and Consulting, LLC.  He has been wowing audiences for over twenty (20) years with an exciting, comfortable and genuine delivery.  You’ll be completely captivated by his style, humor and interaction with any audience.

Having a background in acting, radio and entertainment allows you to immediately connect with him. You’ll feel as though you’re on stage having so much funnnnn.  He engages the audience as part of the experience, instead of just being an observer.  This creates an atmosphere conducive to learning and sustainable change.  

Explore your “Who” and “What” to reach higher achievements than every imagined.   The Be Positive trademarked Funnnnnsems are far more enjoyable than any workshop on the planet.  Why?  Because learning in a funnnnn environment is better than being bored to death working.  

No matter what type of speaking engagement, become part of the experience.  View our Packages available for specific details.  Contact us NOW…..  Feel the pure positive energy through a funnnnn learning environment.  Step on the elevator.  Going Up!

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