Our Who

Be Positive Coaching and Consulting, LLC says it all.  You’ll fully understand the empowering connection once engaged with us.  Be Positive is not just words.  It’s a lifestyle that will change one forever.  You will become a better individual by looking deep inside yourself examining beliefs, actions and limitless possibilities.  Upon embracing our philosophy one will immediately experience, superior energy, create clarity of defined goals, and achieve sustainable outcomes to enjoy a happier life.    

The Be Positive B.E.T. philosophy transforms business environments by improving communication, teamwork and conflict elimination.  Our intention encourages a sustainable alignment of C-Suite Executives with Employees to be more accountable, nurturing and understanding for explosive revenue growth.  Open your mind up to become an Exceptional Leader or Employee with our B.E.T Program   

Be Positive Coaching and Consulting, LLC is a Member of The International Coaching Federation.  We are held to higher coaching standard involving “Best Practices”.  This means, you are receiving the highest care, expertise and methodology available in the industry.  There is none better!

Be Positive Coaching and Consulting services individuals or groups on an International basis.  Our firm is professional in every aspect.  Since we are insured, short notice projects are not a problem.  Our team can be there for you any time, quickly, courteously and efficiently. 

It’s simple and easy to connect with us on social media, e-mail or call anytime.  Our promise is to provide a response quickly, efficiently and professionally.  Feel free to hire us for various type events.  Browse our website to experience exceptional transformations in life or business.  Let us show you how to make a happier and more productive environment today.  Contact us right now!


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