“Have A Be Positive Day…..  No Negativity” TM

Initially, this seems to be just another wonderful greeting.  As one might imagine, it exudes responses of joy, smiles, uplifting and a surge of pure positive energy.  In addition, there is an immediate gravitational attraction that is seen and felt.  However, there is so much more to this.  “Have A Be Positive Day…..  No Negativity” is not just a greeting, it’s a lifestyle!

Thinking and living positive is not something imagined.  It takes acute awareness, insight, reflection, emotional and mind modification.  This lifestyle doesn’t occur overnight.  Eliminating negativity from one’s life is a constant work in progress.  Only time allows for learning, fostering, and embracing shifts to positive outcomes.  Eventually, it will naturally become part of your defined positive who.  

Embracing a meaningful positive lifestyle allows one to relieve daily stresses, worries, fears, overcome blocks, obstacles and more.  It injects a unique adrenalin shot throughout the mind and body.  This positive energy explosion is like a bundle of charged dynamite.  It is absolutely contagious, as the most infectious disease imaginable.  Everyone coming into contact with this energy wake is instantly transformed.

Just imagine the ultimate effect on others when one lives everyday with positivity and a permagrin smile.  Shine bright like a moonlit night!  Everyone will remember your inspirations.  Experience the journey of least resistance, happiness and prosperity.  Begin utilizing positive energy, thoughts and actions to change your lifestyle today!  “Have A Be Positive Day.....  No Negativity” TM

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