“Think Outside The Triangle…..  Boxes Are For Squares” TM

Hmmm…  What thoughts, emotions, energy or actions did that just stimulate?  Well, if you’re like most, the first response often heard is “I love that!”  Other possibilities include profound thought, reflection, pause, wow, a burst of energy or something more meaningful.  However, the one constant is that it makes everyone think!  So, let’s delve further.

The box is often associated with a sense of being trapped, caged, locked, boring, uncreative or common.  So, when individuals utilize “Think outside the box” what is really being said?  Most individuals have no idea.  It’s just something they’ve always heard.  Quite simply, one is urging others not to be trapped by the same way of thinking or believing.  The attempt is to have one consider new directions for greater results.  However, those utilizing boxes are stuck in a Jurassic Time Warp of conventional thinking.  There is a false sense of being creative, different or innovative.  If not, then one would not stifle themselves following the crowd. 

Now, consider this!  The triangle, unlike a box harnesses enormous energy and power.  It’s symbolic of close connections that convey direction, progression and purpose.  The unification of all three sides creates strength to house the constant energy explosions.  As this powerful positive energy emanates from the core, it ignites the mind and heart into action.  The adrenalin shots burst through every side of the triangle into your veins.  This integral reaction brings forth unlimited potential, possibilities, greater mindfulness and unimaginable innovative thought.  

Thinking outside the triangle is an equation for success.  It awakens dormant creativity, submerged awareness, intelligence and all capabilities beyond ordinary.  Imagine every possibility once the energy and power are unleashed from inside.  As with leaders, innovators, creators and brilliant thinkers let there be no limit to perpetuate your mind and heart to extraordinary action.

Ponder this!  When we perish a box awaits us.  So why live and think around a box?  Those whom relate to boxes truly are squares.  Use every bit of energy and power emanating from the triangle inside you.  Propel your thinking beyond the ordinary to achieve unimaginable life outcomes!!  “Think Outside The Triangle…..  Boxes Are For Squares” TM

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